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Career Readiness Course List

Find the career readiness lessons that work best for your classroom.

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How to Ace this Class

ace this class

Hours: 2

Business Communication

Business Communication Lessons

Hours: 8

Career Development

Career Development Lessons

Hours: 12

Computing Systems

Computing Systems Lessons

Hours: 13

Customer Service

customer service

Hours: 9

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Lessons

Hours: 18

Digital Responsibility

Digital Responsibility Lessons

Hours: 3

Email & Electronic Calendars


Hours: 13.5

Job Seeking Skills

Job Seeking Skills Lessons

Hours: 9

Living Online - Social Communication

Social Communication Icon

Hours: 16

Personal Financial Literacy

Personal Financial Literacy

Hours: 8


Professionalism Lessons

Hours: 9

Web Research

Web Research Lessons

Hours: 12

Written Communication

Written Communication Lessons

Hours: 8

Total Curriculum Classroom Hours: 140.5

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