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Computer Applications: Microsoft PowerPoint Skills Project (2010)

In this module students create a PowerPoint 2010 presentation from scratch. Students select a topic, define their objectives and start building a presentation. Students will follow a defined process for planning and creating presentations. Along the way they will learn new PowerPoint skills covering areas such as creating outlines, adjusting images, animations and transitions.


Unit: Start Your Presentation

In this unit students are introduced to a process for planning and creating presentations. To start the process students pick a presentation topic and define objectives. Students then develop and outline for their presentation using the PowerPoint outline feature. To finish the unit, students develop a common look and fell for their presentations using PowerPoint themes. 

  1. Pick a Topic and Define Objectives 
  2. Start Your Outline 
  3. Outline Your Main Content 
  4. Finish Your Outline 
  5. Develop a Look and Feel 
  6. Quiz


Unit: Build Slides and Format Objects

In this unit students build their slides by adding text and images to a single slide. Students will then learn how to format text, text boxes and images on this slide. Based on what they learned, students then add and format text and images to their remaining slides. 

  1. Start Building Your Slides 
  2. Format Text Boxes and Lists 
  3. Add Text to All Your Slides 
  4. Format Images 
  5. Crop and Layer Images 
  6. Add Images to All Your Slides 
  7. Quiz


Unit: Animations, Transitions, and Final Review

In this unit students will first learn how to animate objects on their slides. Next, students learn how to add transitions between slides. Finally, students review and revise their work to make it is the best they can produce. 

  1. Start Your Animations 
  2. Change How Animations Play 
  3. Finish Your Animations 
  4. Add Transitions to Your Slides 
  5. Final Review 
  6. Quiz