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How Do Alabama Health Science Teachers Succeed with HealthCenter21?

How Can AES Prepare My Students for Certifications?

Teachers in Alabama use HealthCenter21 to prep students for many certifications. Find some of the most popular resources below:

"In the setting that I work, there is a lot of potential downtime during a the times where students are performing hands on skills practice and/or testing. HealthCenter21 allows me the flexibility to conduct these check offs while not worrying that the other students in the class are not being productive."

Andy Garrett
Thompson High School

"HealthCenter21 is an easy system to work with and provides immediate scores with quizzes and test that makes the grading process so much easier for the teacher. And a lot of the lessons correlate with the Alabama state standards in career tech. The program has been a major help for me this year, especially being a first year teacher."

Greg Calhoun
Sweet Water High School

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