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How Do Florida Health Science Teachers Succeed with HealthCenter21?

Alignments to Florida Health Science Standards

Guide to Using HealthCenter21 in Florida Middle and High School Health Science Courses

Wondering how you can use HealthCenter21 across Florida middle and high school courses without repeating information?

This guide will help you best utilize HealthCenter21 in your Florida health
science program, according to a recommended sequence used in some of the largest districts in the state.

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"The materials in HealthCenter21 are relevant and truly prepare our students for their careers and their industry certification exams. Students can work at their own pace and submit work online. That's one of the biggest benefits for teachers!"

Catherine Sweeney
South Tech Charter Academy

"HealthCenter21 is packed with current information students need to know in order to be competent as healthcare providers and pass tests needed for certifications."

Heidi Coker
East Lee County High School

Prepare Your Students for National Certifications with HealthCenter21

Are your students taking national health science certifications this year?

Florida teachers use HealthCenter21 to prepare students for many certifications from providers like NHA and NCHSE!

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Resources for Florida Health Science Teachers

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