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How Do I Teach Georgia CTAE Business Education Standards with Business&ITCenter21?

Teaching business education, career readiness, and computer applications courses is a challenge when you want to meet Georgia’s strict standards.

Plus, you have to get your students ready for their end of pathway assessment (EOPA) so they can enter the workforce with the information they need to succeed.

So how can you do all of that for your students at the same time?

One of the teachers in the Business&ITCenter21 community answered all of those questions for several of Georgia’s standards, including:

  • Introduction to Digital Technology (IDT)
  • Introduction to Business & Technology (IBT)
  • Business Technology (BT)
  • Business Communication (BC)
  • Work-Based Learning (WBL)
  • All CTAE Classes


Check out which Business&ITCenter21 modules work for different Georgia standards below!

Bonus: Modules for All Georgia CTAE Classes

The following modules will help you teach just about any CTAE class in Georgia: 

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