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How Do Texas Teachers Succeed with HealthCenter21?

"For my Principles of Health Science class, HealthCenter21 has just about everything I need for the entire year. Over the past 24 years at Debakey HSHP, I have not found a textbook that will meet my needs for the course. HealthCenter21 meets all my needs for Principles of Health Science!"

Regina Jackson
Debakey High School for Health Professions

"Modules are clear and easy to use for students and teachers. Online grading saves so much time, plus we have digital documentation showing when students log in, submit assignments, and how long they are online."

Cristina Cavazos
Los Fresnos United 9th Grade Campus

Does AES Align to Texas Health Science TEKS?

How Can AES Prepare My Students for Certifications?

Teachers in Texas use HealthCenter21 to prep students for many certifications. Find some of the most popular resources below:

Resources for Texas Teachers

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