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Digital curriculum for secondary educators that teach health science, business education, career readiness, or computer applications.

Is this free trial right for me?

Thousands of middle and high school teachers like you use the AES digital curriculum to save time with planning and grading so they can focus on helping students succeed.

But is signing up for the trial worth your time?

  • Do you want to spend more one-on-one time with your students?
  • Do you teach health science, business education, career readiness, or computer applications?
  • Are you ready to try blended learning in your classes?

If so, the AES digital curriculum trial will definitely be worth your time!

What happens after I fill out the form?

After filling out the form, you'll begin your free 30-day trial where you can:

  • Create your first class in minutes
  • View the teacher resources and student eLearning lessons
  • Enroll students to see how the digital curriculum system will save you time and increase engagement

You'll also receive a verification email to confirm that you're truly an educator - an important step to prevent sneaky students from cheating by signing up for the trial.

Ready to see if the AES digital curriculum is right for your needs? Fill out the form to start your trial!

Start Your 30-Day Trial

"AES saves me close to 10 hours a week. I'm not having to spend hours and hours before or after school creating lesson plans. It has given me back my family time."