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November 4, 2021

Your AES Curriculum Roadmap

Discover what curriculum will be coming to your students next!


November 3, 2021

Under Development: Student Interface Updates

Learn about upcoming improvements to the Student User Interface to provide your students with a modern, mobile friendly interface.


October 20, 2021

Under Development: Custom Exam Updates

Discover upcoming improvements to the Custom Exam Editor, including new question types for your custom questions!


October 15, 2021

Under Development: Anatomy & Physiology Curriculum Expansion

Discover what's in the works with the Anatomy and Physiology curriculum expansion!


August 1, 2021

Accounting Module Updates

Accounting is a topic many students struggle with. Based on feedback from you and your students, we made some updates to the Accounting Module.


August 1, 2021

EHR Simulation Module Lesson Keys

You've had many ideas on how we can improve the EHR Simulation module. With this release you'll find more clarity for students and lesson answer ...