September 2011 Release

Posted On: 9/30/2011

Summary of Updates

  • We are happy to announce the release of two new Business&ITCenter21 modules: "Office Basics" and "Presentations: Basic"
  • All audio files have been updated to MP3 format for better reliability
  • Better quiz and test warning message have been implemented for the students
  • A new SSL security option has been implemented for easier access to the site


New Content

We are happy to announce the release of two new online Business&ITCenter21 modules: "Office Basics" and "Presentations: Basic"

"Office Basics" includes the following units:

  • Common Features
  • Working with Files

"Presentations: Basic" includes the following units:

  • Introduction to Presentations
  • Working with Text
  • Working with Media
  • Creating & Formatting Presentations

Better Audio Reliability with MP3 Format

Until now, most of the audio used the WMA format. Converting audio to MP3 provides better reliability, especially when using the Safari browser.

NOTE: In a quiz or test students can have the question read to them. To do this they must click the Read Question link and then click the Play button.

Quiz and Test Warning Message for Students

If a student is taking a quiz or test, they are not permitted to sign-in again from another tab or browser. If they attempt to do so, they will receive a warning message before the sign-in is complete. If the student continues to sign-in, then they will b automatically kicked out of the quiz or test and given a 0% grade. This functionality helps deter cheating.

New Security Options

This summer we added secure encryption (similar to an online store or online bank) to our online learning platform in order to protect your school's data. With the added security, several sites reported problems accessing encrypted image and audio resources due to internet filters installed on the school's networks. In order to help these schools we added options for Standard Security and Enhanced Security. When Enhanced Security (the default) is enabled all data (including images and audio) are encrypted. When a school switches to standard security the logon process is encrypted (to protect user names and passwords) but the rest of the content is not encrypted. We recommend enhanced security but understand that it's not always possible with some school internet filtering systems.

If you suspect that you are having issues related to the enhanced security, log on to, click the Setup tab, and then click Site Security. Clear the checkbox, and then click Update.