October 2011 Release

Posted On: 10/29/2011

Summary of Updates

Content Updates

  • We continue to review and update HealthCenter21 quiz/test questions
  • The hand washing content was updated to instruct students to lather surfaces for "at least 20 seconds" to match CDC recommendations.

Feature Updates

  • The license management system has been updates to only use licenses for students actively enrolled in a course. If a student is removed from a course then the student's license can be reused by another student
  • You can now view a history of all quiz and module test attempts. The history shows when the quiz/test was taken, when it was reset, and the grade for the current quiz/test
  • You can now also mark specific questions on a student's quiz/test as correct. Regardless of how the question was originally answered by the student.
  • A new warning message is displayed if a student attempts to sign-in again while they are still in a quiz/test. This is to deter students from trying sign-in again and view the curriculum while in a quiz/test.


  • A problem with exporting grades to an Excel spreadsheet was fixed


Content Updates

HealthCenter21 Quiz/Test Updates

We have been releasing a series of updates over the past several weeks to correct and refine quiz and module test questions. We will continue to release modules as they are finished!

Modules released in October:

  • Health Care Foundations template
    • Client Status
    • CPR Methods
    • Infection Control
    • Safety Precautions
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Human Growth and Development
  • Patient Care Technician (Multi-Skilled Nurse Assistant) template
    • MSNA – Phlebotomy
    • MSNA – Electrocardiography
    • MSNA - Admissions Transfers and Discharges
    • MSNA - Rehabilitation and Restorative Care


Hand Washing Procedure Updates

The hand washing content was updated to instruct students to lather surfaces for "at least 20 seconds" to match CDC recommendations. Curriculum, questions, drag-n-drops and forms were updated for the following modules:

  • Infection Control module > Introduction to Infection Control unit
  • The Health Assistant module > Infection Control and Safety Precautions unit

Features Updates

License Management Updates

There are times when a student may start a course but then withdraw. In this case you want to be able to reuse the license. In order to allow this, we had to change our definition of an "active" student. An active student will now be defined as a student currently enrolled in a course, instead of a student who has started to access the online curriculum.

An active student uses one curriculum license. If an active student is removed from all courses the student is no longer active, and this student’s license becomes available for use by another student.

Additional tools have been provided that allows an Instructor with Site Admin privileges to remove students from courses.

Removing a student from a single course:

  1. Go to the Grades page.
  2. Select the Course.
  3. Locate the student and click the associated Remove link.
  4. Answer Yes in the dialog window.


NOTE: If this is the only course in which the student is enrolled, the license used by the student becomes available for use by another student. If the student is in another course, then that student is still an active student and the license is not available for another student.

Removing a student from all courses:

  1. Go to the Setup page.
  2. Click Subscription Information.
  3. Locate the student in the Active Student list and click the associated Remove link.
  4. Answer Yes in the dialog window.


NOTE: This removes the student from all courses. The student is no longer active and the student’s license is now available for another student.

NOTE: If a student that has been removed from a course re-enrolls in the same course they will retain all previously completed work.

History of Quiz/Test Attempts

Instructors can reset quizzes and module tests, which allows students to attempt them multiple times. You have requested the ability to view students’ quiz and test history. You can now view the history of attempts for a particular quiz or test:

  1. Go to the Grade page.
  2. Select the Course.
  3. Locate the student. Either click the student’s name or click the associate Grade link to display the Grade Details page.
  4. Find the quiz or test and click the associated View link to display the Quiz/Test Detail page.:


NOTE: To properly hand-in a quiz/test the student must click the Hand-In button while still in the quiz/test. Closing the browser containing the quiz/test before clicking Hand-In will lead to an improperly submitted quiz/test.

Mark Quiz/Test Questions Correct

The instructor now has the ability to mark a question in a quiz/test correct for a specific student. To mark a question correct:

  1. Go to the Grades page.
  2. Select the Course.
  3. Locate the student.
  4. Either click the student's name or click the associate Grade link. This displays the Grade Details page.
  5. Find the quiz or test and click the associated View link. This displays the details for the quiz/test.
  6. In the Question Details table, find the question.
  7. Click the Mark Correct link. This marks the question correct and adjusts the students score appropriately.


When a question is marked as correct, the student answer is updated to show the correct answer and the text "Marked Correct by Instructor" is inserted.

Warning Message

First some background...when a student takes a quiz or module test they must click Hand-In to properly submit the quiz/test.

The students should NOT sign-in from another browser tab or window with an active quiz/test. If the student attempts this  a Sign-In Warning Message is displayed. The message identifies the active quiz/test, when it was started and then allows the student to cancel or continue the sign-in.

If the student continues the sign-in process, the quiz/test is automatically submitted with a 0% grade. Note: sometimes the student may have no other choice but to continue. This is because at an earlier time they may have closed the browser while in a quiz/test without properly submitting it.


Export to Excel Problem

There was a problem exporting grades to Microsoft Excel from the "View Grade By Module" page - only the first module would export regardless of what module was selected. This issue has been fixed.