February 2012 Release

Posted On: 2/4/2012

Feature Update

An option was added that allows you to control when/if correct answers are shown to students after taking a quiz or module test.

By default the results shown to students after taking a quiz/test do not show the correct answers.  This is done to encourage students to "find" the correct answer in the curriculum, and also to discourage cheating in a classroom during the quiz/test.

This new option allows you to control when to display the correct answers after the quiz/test. There are four settings:

  • Do not show the correct answers (Default)
  • Show the correct answers after taking the quiz/test
  • Show the correct answers one hour after taking quiz/test
  • Show the correct answers one day after taking quiz/test


Instructor View

To access this option:

  1. Click on the Course tab
  2. Click either New Course or Edit Course
  3. This displays a pop-up window. The  figure below shows where this option is located:

Student View

If the answers are not initially displayed after taking the quiz or test, but will be displayed later, then a message is displayed showing when the answers will be visible.

After the indicated time is reached, the student will see the correct answer, as shown below.