August 2012 Release

Posted On: 8/11/2012

Below is a description of all the new improvements in this month’s release. Have fun checking things out...

Along with a new unit, this release includes a feature that better allows you control over student access to module quizzes and tests. The feature allows you to open and close quizzes and tests - enjoy!

Content Updates

  • New Content – We’ve been wanting to add more videos into the content. So, we stated with some soft-skill exercises dealing with communications. These new communication exercises have been added to the Medical Office Assistant and The Health Assistantmodules. Take a look at them in the Catalog! Over time we will be releasing more communication video exercises for other modules.
  • New Unit - We've released our first unit in the new Business&ITCenter 21 "Professionalism" module, called "Personal Qualities." This unit describes the ideal personal characteristics of an employee. The unit covers the importance of appearance while on the job and the traits one should have when dealing with clients and coworkers.

  • New Lesson Plans - Lesson Plans have been added to ALL Business & ITCenter21 modules. You can see the new lesson plans by viewing the Teacher Resouces for any Business & ITCenter21 module included in a course.
  • Catalog updates – The catalog has been updated to remove redundant module listings. Also, the EMT and EMR module names have been updated to include the appropriate "EMT"/"EMR"

Feature Updates

  • Update Help Area - The Help area was updated to provide a better user experience. The biggest addition is an intelligent search . Hopefully, this is something everyone should find useful. Additionally, many topic related help articles have been created that cover various areas, such as student management. Check it out at
  • New Instructor Bootcamp - We've create a series of short e-mails that are automatically sent to new users over the first few weeks. The e-mails will help them come up to speed on the system.
  • Open/Close Feature

    The feature allows you to open/close module quizzes and tests to students. When "open", students can take the quizzes or tests. When "closed" students cannot take the quizzes or tests. If students have taken a quiz or test, they can always review it whether it is open or closed. Also, students always have access to the lessons regardless of the setting.

    To access this feature:

    1. Go to a course with modules
    2. Click on any module to see the "Open/Closed" feature for that module

    The unit quizzes, as a group, have one "Open/Closed" switch, and the module test has another "Open/Closed" switch. A "Show Hint" link displays information on how to use the "Open/Closed" and "Include in Course" controls.

    When a module is added to a course the quizzes switch is set to Open by default. This allows student access to the quizzes. The module test is set to Closed by default. This prevents students from accessing the module test.

    You have the choice to Closed the quizzes in a module until you assign it to your students. When the module is assigned, you can Open the quizzes so student can go through the units and take the quizzes.

    Likewise, when you want to give the module test set the switch to Open. When the module test switch is set to Open, the "Include in Course" check box is also automatically checked. At this point, students can access the module test.

    If you decide the module has a "completion date", you can set Quizzes and Test switchs to Closed. This prevents students from accessing the module quizzes and test.