December 2012 Release

Posted On: 12/2/2012

This release is dedicated to your students!

New features allow students to see how they are doing and where they can improve. Students will also be able to reset passwords from home using their mobile phones. Finally, they'll be able to learn about the US Legal System and Courts in our newest Business Law unit.

Of course it's not all about the students. Several new features have been added for the instructors, such as allowing you to move students between classes.

Updates for the Student

The various student updates can be seen on the student Home page. These updates include the following and can be seen on the image below.

  1. We’ve added assignments completed, and grade distribution charts to each module in the course. Students can quickly see the status of each module.
  2. The average grade and distribution chart for the whole course is also shown.
  3. A recommendation for retaking quizzes is given to students. We want to encourage students to go back and review concepts they may have missed. The recommendation is based on the student's worst quiz grade and is only made if the instructor allows students to retake quizzes in the course setup.
  4. Students can link their mobile phone to their account. Once linked, the students will be able to reset passwords with their mobile phone. This helps students complete their homework even if they forgot their password.

Updates for the Teacher

  • A new feature allows you to move students between courses. To access this feature:
    1. Go to the Student Grades tab
    2. Select a course
    3. For the desired student and then click the associated View
    4. At the bottom right of the page click Move to Another Course

  • We have made it easier to access Teacher Resources in the Course Setup tab. The Resource links are now directly visible when a module is selected.

  • Under the Reports tab there is a new report (Question Analysis Report) that displays how the students in a course are doing on individual quiz questions.

New Content

  • Business Law module > US Legal and Judicial unit – In this unit, the students are introduced to the US legal and judicial systems at the federal, state and local levels. Students first learn how laws are made and then are introduced to the various types of laws from administrative to statutory laws. When learning about the courts, students are introduced to the federal courts starting with the Supreme Court.  They also learn about the state courts and how they are similar and different from the federal courts. The unit lessons are Source of Law and Courts.

Module Updates

  • In general, the Business and IT content did not "bookmark" student locations in a lesson. We’ve started update the Business and IT modules to include "bookmarks." The first two modules that have been updated are Spreadsheet: Basics and Marketing. If a student exits and then reenters a lesson in one of these modules, the student can resume where they left off.

Student Time Online Report (Beta)

  • We are working on a new report to track the amount of time students are signed in to the system. Unfortunately, we can't tell if they are paying attention but we can let you know how long they’ve been signed in. This report has a limited release for beta testing. Let us know if you are interested in giving it a try.