New Leadership Skills Lessons

Posted On: 12/14/2012

“The strength of the group is the strength of the leaders.” – Vince Lombardi

Some of us are born with the moxie to take the reins; others must learn.  What do your students know about leadership skills? 

Sure, they are exposed to leaders every day: parents, school officials, etc.

But knowing who leaders are and what leadership looks like does not a leader make. 

How do we help students translate knowledge of what a leader is into exhibiting leadership behaviors? 

AES has ventured to help your students with just that in the upcoming update to our Professionalism module.

What’s in the Update?

Two new units will soon be added to this module:  Successfully Leading an Effective Team Part 1 and Part 2. 

In part 1, students will be introduced to a scenario where they have been selected to lead a team. 

Don’t worry!  We give them some information such as goal setting and selecting the right team before we throw them into practicing.

Part 2 introduces them to basic team roles, allows them to assign roles to their team, and then helps them to lead their team through tough situations. 

Students will have to rely on information they learned throughout the entire module to help them complete the scenario successfully.

Is That Everything?

Actually, no it isn’t!  Students can use worksheets (which are printable within the lessons) that have a myriad of exercises to complement the content. 

We’ve even added an icon to the lessons that will prompt students to visit their worksheets and what questions to complete. 

Your students will walk away with a pretty comprehensive study guide that they created in tandem with completing the lessons.

In addition, we’ve included discussion and activity ideas in those awesome Teacher PowerPoint’s.  If you’re looking for ways to diverge from lecture a bit, these may help.