February 2013 Release

Posted On: 2/9/2013

New Business Content is here!

Marketing, Management, and Accounting content…oh yes we did! Take a look at all the new business content we’ve released this month.

Accounting Overview

The first of 3 accounting units provides students with an overview of accounting. They will learn:

  • What accounting is
  • How it is used to support a business
  • Who uses accounting information
  • Debits, credits, transactions, and accounts
  • Opportunity to determine whether transactions are debits or credits and to what accounts these transactions belong
  • Double-entry method

Management & Managing

In this starter Management unit, students will learn:

  • Fundamental functions of management
  • Characteristics of a good manager
  • Types of organizational structures of businesses

Marketing Project

The first of its kind, a Business project where students will:

  • Take on the role of a young marketing professional, working for a small firm
  • Create a marketing plan for a new IMAX theater complex
  • Create individual presentations to show ideas for a new brand identity and promotions

System Housekeeping

While we’re talking “business”…you’ve demanded, we’ve supplied. (See how I did that?)

  • For the computer applications lessons, ie Word, Excel, PowerPoint, bookmarks have been added! Now students can return to where they left off
  • Students can also download a transcript of the lesson text to read later.


We hope you and your students will enjoy these updates!

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