April 2013 Release

Posted On: 4/13/2013

Final Exams and New Accounting Content!

This month, we have some really exciting news... a much anticipated exam feature and a new unit for the Accounting module.

Final Exams

We heard you! You need final exams. So we're giving it to you. With the April 13 release, you'll have the ability to create custom exams, particularly the often requested final exam. Here's how...

1.) Go to your Course Setup screen and choose the course for which you want to create an exam and click Create Exam.

2.) Give your exam a name.

3.) Choose the number of questions for the exam.

4.) Select all the units that you want to include in the exam.

5.) Make sure the exam is either Open or Closed depending on whether or not you are ready to give students access to it. You can also view an answer key for your exam.

For the past few weeks, we've had a teacher, Ann Blankenship from Henry County Public Schools in Virginia, using the beta version of the new exam feature. Along with some great feedback that we've implemented for the release, here's what she told us: "I liked that I could make up exams quickly and get immediate feedback. I could also make different versions and assign students at the same tables different exams. I can make different exams for those with IEPs that are behind and test them only on the content that they have completed. I can also use this feature for pop quizzes!!"

New Accounting Content

We are happy to announce the release of a new accounting unit. Check out Accounting Unit #3 - Financial Analysis! This unit helps students understand how the financial information covered in previous accounting units is used to perform a financial analysis of a business. This financial analysis supports owners, managers and stakeholders in making decisions about the business. Students have the opportunity to evaluate financial analysis information and make business decisions based on that information.

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