August 2013 Roundup

Posted On: 8/19/2013

Hope you had a great summer. The AES team has been hard at work, developing new modules for Microsoft Office. You can read about the updates or skip to the bottom of this article to learn how to add the modules to your course.

Your courses are not automatically updated. The bottom of this article explains how to upgrade your courses.

Microsoft Office Fundamentals

Microsoft Office Fundamentals is the replacement for Microsoft Office Basics. The module starts with a detective story where students learn about the proper use of each Microsoft Office Application.

There are two hands on assignments, designed to introduce concepts and show students how assignments will work throughout the course. Students will launch applications, download attachments and explore Microsoft Office Help.

Microsoft Word Fundamentals

Students learn the basics of Microsoft Word by taking a tour, formatting a flyer, creating a top-10 list, creating a quiz with answer key, and creating a party invitation.

Microsoft Excel Fundamentals

Students learn the basics of Microsoft Excel by taking a tour, adjusting a recipe, analyzing inventory for a coffee shop, helping a library calculate late fees, and formatting a balance sheet.

Microsoft PowerPoint Fundamentals

Students learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint by taking a tour, creating a simple slide show, creating a game show, and creating a photo album. Students also learn about effective presentations and improve an existing presentation.

Upgrading your course

The new "Fundamentals" units are a departure from the style used in the original "Basics" units (which are still available to you in the Catalog). We decided to give teachers a choice of the modules they want to use with students. New courses will get the new units by default. If you decide to reuse last year's course, you must remove the basics units and add the new fundamentals units.

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