Microsoft Excel Skills Project

Posted On: 4/14/2014

Project Overview

Students learn how to use Microsoft Excel through a series of hands on activities. The activities are based around a scenario where students help a local sports club determine their profits for four food stands they operate. This module has four units built around this scenario.

Part 1 - Worksheet Data and Cells

Students begin by importing "raw" data for one of the food stands. The students then format the data, which includes adjusting column widths, wrapping text, aligning text, merging cells and formatting numbers and text. They also enhance the data by adding borders and fill colors to cells.

Part 2 - Functions, Formulas and Tables

Students insert functions and formulas to determine gross and net profits for the food stands. Students review concepts such as the order of operations and relative/absolute cell references. The students also learn about and then create Excel tables. This includes adding total rows and columns to their Excel tables.

Part 3 - Workbooks, Worksheets and Charts

Students open workbooks for the other food stands. The students copy data and worksheets from these workbooks into their current workbook. Using data from all four food stands, students create various charts showing different breakdowns of profit information. The charts include pie, column and line charts.

Part 4 - What-If Analysis and Printing

Students learn about Excel's What-If Analysis Tools. The students are walked-through a what-if analysis on how a loss in volunteers affects net profits. The students, with less instructions, then create a what-if analysis on how changes in food stand rents affect net profits. Finally, students format and output information from the project as a PDF file and a print-out.

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