Digital Citizenship Unit 1

Posted On: 8/1/2014

We have heard from many middle school teachers that it can be difficult to teach good digital citizenship to their students. Digital literacy is important to any career pathway, so having digital literacy lesson plans is a must!

Digital Literacy Unit Overview

This unit is designed to introduce your students to the idea of a digital society. Students will assess how technology has impacted both society and the workforce. In addition, your students will exhibit decision-making skills and critical thinking in the ethical use of digital resources.

Lesson 1: Our Digital World

In this lesson, your students will...

  • Acknowledge how technology has changed over the decades
  • Identify how technology has
    impacted society
  • Recognize how technology has impacted the workplace
  • Define the digital divide


Lesson 2: Ethical Use of Digital Resources

In this lesson, your students will...

  • Distinguish between types of
    software licenses
  • Identify reliable web-based resources
  • Define intellectual property
  • Recognize and respect copyrighted works
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