New Exam Editor Feature

Posted On: 8/1/2014

You will have more freedom with our new exam editor. There are more options for you as an instructor when creating an exam:

Edit existing questions

If you would like to adjust the wording of questions AES has provided, you are able to do so by using the Question Editor.

Question Editor

In the Question Editor, simply choose the question you would like to edit and make the changes. When you edit a question, it will be saved to your own pool of questions so you can use it again.

Add your own questions

You are also able to create your own questions by using the Question Editor. At the top of the editor, click Create New Question. This will open a new, blank question:

Add New Question

Any new questions you create will also be placed into your Question Pool.

Duplicate an exam

After you have created an exam, you are able to Duplicate it into another course. This will be extremely useful if you have 2 sections of the same class:

Duplicate an Exam

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