Digital Citizenship Unit 3

Posted On: 10/6/2014

Unit 3: Online Safety

The focus of this unit is to help students understand consequences, both negative and positive, of the choices they make with their digital footprint.

Lesson 1: Digital Footprint

This lesson helps students understand the impact of their digital footprint. They will be a "big wig", pitching a new television show for their network. Selecting a host is urgent. They have two candidates to choose from, both whom seem to be good choices.

Your students will need to examine both candidate's digital footprint before making a final decision as to who should be the new host.

Lesson 2: Protecting Yourself OnlineL2

This lesson discusses the importance of online safety. The Bickerton's family vacation money has been stolen because they have been careless with online activity.

Students will evaluate where the Bickerton's have gone wrong and determine what choices they could have made to better protect their personal information.

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