Personal Finance Module

Posted On: 5/14/2015

Unit 1: Earning Potential

In Lesson 1 of this unit, The Earning Potential game allows students to explore how real-life decisions impact financial opportunity and growth. In Lesson 2, students have the chance to learn about different forms of income.

Unit 2: Managing Your Money

It includes lessons for the following topics:

  1. Reading a Pay Stub
  2. Introduction to Banking
  3. Budgeting
  4. Informed Purchases

Unit 3: Using Credit

In the final unit of the Personal Finance module, your students will learn how consumer credit is determined and used.

Students will also explore how borrowing money works through loans and credit cards.

Lesson 1 - Consumer Credit
Topics covered:

  • What is a credit score?
  • Reporting agencies
  • How is it determined?
  • How is it used?

Lesson 2 - Borrowing Money
Topics covered:

  • Principal and Interest
  • Loans
  • Credit Cards

To learn more about the module, view the catalog:
Personal Financial Literacy Module

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