Spring 2015 Roundup

Posted On: 5/13/2015

Just because the school year is winding down, doesn't mean our team is slowing down!

You will see some changes have been made to HealthCenter21 and Business&ITCenter21. Nothing major, just a handful of things you may notice.

Here are the changes you will see:

Rename Button

You will be able to easily rename your course or give it a section by clicking this button in the course.

Click here to learn more about renaming a course.

Rename Button

Reassign Courses

You can reassign any of your courses to another instructor from the Setup tab.

Click here to learn how to reassign a course.

Reassign Course

Change to Settings Tab

These changes are to simplify the Course Settings Tab. Now the settings are all about quizzes, tests, pre-testing, and the Daily Challenge (for HealthCenter21 users).

Settings Tab

Certificate of Achievement Update

You will now be able to generate a certificate for one specific module by using the new dropdown  menu.

(Special thanks to our intern Colin for working on this project for our teachers!)

For a quick refresher on how to download certificates, click here.

Certificate Update

Grade List -> Student List

The Grade List will now be called the Student List tab. Everything will look the same on this tab, it just has a new name!

Student List

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