Career Development Module

Posted On: 8/25/2015

Careers don't happen by accident! Students need to learn about the career planning process, and some of the freely available resources that can help. This module takes students through the process.

They start by learning required vocabulary, take a career assessment, research several careers, and then put together a plan to attain a career goal. Along the way they also learn about setting goals, potential barriers, and alternate careers.

Unit 1: Career Exploration & Research

  • Definitions and Career Planning
  • Self-Assessment
  • Exploring Careers
  • Researching Careers, Part 1
  • Researching Careers, Part 2
  • Choosing a Career
  • Quiz: Career Exploration & Research

Unit 2: Career Goals & Barriers

  • What are goals
  • Defining Career Goals Together
  • Defining Your Own Career Goals
  • Career Barriers
  • Alternate Careers
  • Quiz: Career Goals & Barriers

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Career Development Module

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