Written Communication Module

Posted On: 9/30/2015

Written communication is an important skill for students to learn. It is one skill that they will use, no matter what career path they take. We have often heard that some teachers struggle to create written communication lessons. That's where we come in!

Learn about the Written Communication module below:

Written Communication Module Overview

In this module, students learn how to write effective business communications, specifically emails and letters. Students take on the role of an employee for a large toy and hobby store. They are tasked with resolving a customer issue with one of the store's best-selling toys, using the written communication skills they learn in the module.

Effective Business Writing

In this unit, students begin by learning why effective business writing is important. Next, they learn techniques for creating effective written communication, such as knowing what questions to answer before writing, and how word choice affects the tone of the document. Students will take on the role of an employee for a large toy and hobby store. In this role, they will help other employees improve their written communication using the techniques they've learned.

  1. Basic Questions

  2. Tone

  3. Quiz

Writing Emails and Letters

In this unit, students continue in their roles as a toy and hobby store employee. This time, they are given more responsibly and must now resolve a customer issue with a very popular toy. The solution requires them to write a business email and letter. Through completing these tasks, they learn about the writing process and how to use it. Students also learn how to write a properly formatted business email and letter.

  1. Writing a Business Email - Part 1

  2. Writing a Business Email - Part 2

  3. Writing a Business Letter - Part 1

  4. Writing a Business Letter - Part 2

  5. Quiz

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