Cultural, Social, and Ethnic Diversity Module

Posted On: 12/2/2015

The Cultural, Social, and Ethnic Diversity module helps prepare students for the workforce by introducing them to the importance of respectful and empathetic treatment for all patients. Students learn about the importance of understanding diversity in the healthcare workplace, as well as develop essential skills for the workplace.

The module contains 4 student lessons and 4 classroom activities that include research and scenario-based learning.

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Explore: Diversity Comfort Level

Through the activity, students are introduced to the breadth of diversity, and are urged to see their personal connection with the topic. This activity is intended to introduce the importance of thinking about diversity in healthcare and to make students aware of why understanding diversity is important. Therefore, this activity is best presented as an introduction exploration activity, before the students begin the unit lessons.

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Learn & Practice: Lessons & Assessments

Students begin by defining cultural diversity and recognizing the scale of diversity in the United States. They also investigate biases and understand the importance of using generalizations over stereotypes. Students then use this knowledge to look at how it affects healthcare. In the third lesson, students learn about health disparities and the importance of increasing health equity. They also define health literacy, cultural competency, and linguistic competency. In the fourth and final lesson, students identify the need for customer service in healthcare. There are also four projects available to cover additional learning objectives, and to offer material reinforcement.

Reflection: Diversity Scenarios

Students will review scenarios related to the cultural, social, and ethnic diversity of patients in healthcare. Each scenario has discussion points where students can work through the scenarios to demonstrate and reinforce their knowledge of respectful and empathetic treatment.

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Reinforcement: Culture Guide Research

In this activity, students select and read a culture guide from one of five countries: China, Laos, Mexico, Somalia, or Vietnam. After reading the guide, students answer a number of questions to help reinforce the concepts of religion and culture, and their impact on healthcare.

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Reinforcement: Demographics Research

The purpose of this activity is to get students thinking about the relationship between patient diversity and healthcare. Students will begin by researching the demographics of a location. They will use the demographic information to determine the cultural diversity of the area. They will then use that data to predict potential areas of concern, and to suggest an action plan or guidelines to address the diversity in that specific location.

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