Google Docs Fundamentals Module

Posted On: 1/8/2016

We have heard from many computer applications instructors that teaching Google Docs is becoming increasingly important. And right now there are not many Google Docs lessons out there. Luckily for you, the Google Docs Fundamentals module is ready to be used!

Google Docs Fundamentals Overview

In this module, students will learn about the basics of Google Docs, including how to format text and paragraphs and change the document layout. Students will also use available tools such as the Research and Define tools.

In addition to the online learning, the module includes unit quizzes and a comprehensive module test to assess the students. Worksheets are also provided to the students, which can be filled out as they progress through the lessons. These worksheets are a handy study guide for the quizzes and tests.

Unit 1: Introduction to Google Docs

Lesson 1 - Google Docs Tour

Students are introduced to Google Docs in this unit. In the first lesson, they become familiar with Google Docs by creating a new document and inserting an image and some text. They practice adjusting the image and selecting text in different ways. They also use the Research tool.

Lesson 2 - Fun with Fonts

In the second lesson students focus on formatting text by making a "Class President Flyer" look great.

Unit 2: Paragraph and Document Formatting

Lesson 1 - Creating Lists

This unit covers paragraph and document formatting in Google Docs. In the first lesson, students create a Top 10 list where they practice using different list and paragraph styles.

Lesson 2 - Make a Quiz

In the second lesson, students create a Quiz on a topic of their choice. They practice using lists, paragraph styles, alignments, page breaks, the Paint Format tool and much more.

Lesson 3 - Create an Invitation

In the third lesson, students create an invitation where they change page margins and orientation, inserting images and adding drawings.

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