Domestic Violence Module

Posted On: 2/27/2016

Healthcare professionals at some point will encounter victims of domestic violence. Because of this, many health science teachers have shared they are in need of domestic violence curriculum to teach their students about this important and difficult topic.

The purpose of the Domestic Violence module is to help healthcare professionals with the following:

  • Accurately recognize and interpret behaviors associated with domestic violence
  • Offer available resources and counseling
  • Properly report and document information on potential victims

This module is designed to meet requirements for a 2 hour course for domestic violence education.

Details of the Domestic Violence Lesson Plans

The Domestic Violence module contains 1 unit with 4 lessons, and a classroom activity for students to complete. Here's a brief description of the lessons:

Lesson 1 - Defines domestic violence as well as gives examples of what is considered to be domestic violence

Lesson 2 - Breaks down who's at risk for domestic violence and shares statistical information for specific high-risk groups.

Lesson 3 - A scenario-based lesson, focused on helping students screen for and assess instances of domestic violence.

Lesson 4 - Gives examples of written documentation that students must examine for accuracy.

Classroom Activity - Helps students determine local laws and resources for victims of domestic violence.

For a more in-depth overview of the module, read this article: Review of Domestic Violence Curriculum

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