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Posted On: 7/26/2016

New Look: The Assignments Tab

The Assignments Tab has a few new detail changes, which you can read about below.

Fall 2016 Assignment Tab Updates

1 - Grab Bar

In the list of modules, there is now a Grab Bar. This new feature allows you to Click and Drag a module to rearrange the order in your course.

2 - "Open for Students" Option

This check box allows you to Open or Close a module for your students. This is useful for an instructor who wants to add all Modules to the course, but wants to control when students can start the next Module. Using the Open/Close check box keeps the Module visible for students, they just cannot click into the Module.

Note - Even if a Module is Closed, the grades will still show up on the Grades tab.

3 - Curriculum Hours

Many teachers like to know how many hours a Module will take to help them better plan. This new column shows the number of Estimated Curriculum Hours it will take for a student to complete the Module.

Keep in mind that this is an estimate... Some students will complete the content more quickly than others.

4 - Remove Module

This is not a new feature, but we moved it to the far right. To remove an unwanted Module from your course, click the "X!"

New Look: Module Details

You will also see changes to the Module area, when you click on a Module from the Assignments Tab. These changes are a little more drastic, but we hope you find them easy to navigate and that they help you get more out of using the curriculum.

Fall 2016 Module Updates

1 - Curriculum Hours

The Curriculum Hours listed at the top shows how many Curriculum Hours are in the current Module. This number is the same that is shown for the Module on the Assignments Tab.

2 - "Open for Students" Option (Module Level)

The Open for Students check box at the top is to Open or Close the entire module for your students.  Using the Open/Close check box keeps the Module visible for students, they just cannot click into the Module. This check box is the same as the one on the Assignments Tab for the Module.

3 - Navigation Arrows

These arrows allow you to easily navigate to the next Module without having to go back to the Assignments Tab. We added this feature based on suggestions from our users.

4 - Return to Assignment List Button

This button was added based on feedback from our users. It's an easy way to go "back" to the Assignments Tab from within a specific Module in the course.

5 - Learn & Practice Area

The new Module Detail layout may look different, but everything is still here for you. The Learn & Practice section is the section of Units for the Module. Here you will see the Units and all Teacher/Student Resources that go along with the Unit.

6 - "Open for Students" Option (Unit Level)

Many instructors want to Open and Close content at the Unit level, to keep students on task. This check box on the left side does just that. Using the Open/Close check box keeps the Unit visible for students, but they cannot access it.

Note - Even if a Unit is Closed, the grades will still show up on the Grades Tab.

7 - Remove Unit

This option allows you to completely remove a unit from a Module. Doing this takes it out of the list for your students, and it will not show in the Grades Tab. Some instructors may choose to skip a Unit by removing it from the Module.

If you remove a Unit, you can easily re-add it by clicking the Restore icon that appears for a removed Unit.

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