Diseases & Disorders Module

Posted On: 9/1/2106

Many of the teachers who use HealthCenter21 have asked for more content related to Anatomy & Physiology.

In order to add more relevant content, we created a new module: Diseases & Disorders. You will find the module in the Health Care Foundations template of the catalog.

This is a project-based module and it works a little differently than other curriculum modules inside HealthCenter21. 

Watch this overview video from Ken, or scroll down to read some general information about the units in the Diseases & Disorders module:

Unit: Module Introduction

This is a short one-lesson unit which sets the students' expectations for the remainder of the module. The lesson defines common terms, explains the format of the remaining units, and describes the project they may be required to complete.

We suggest you have students go through this Introduction before any of the other units in the module.

Unit: Multiple Sclerosis

In this unit, students are introduced to a definition of Multiple Sclerosis and review a timeline of historical events concerning the disease. Then they investigate causes, risk factors, and the course the disease takes within the body. Next, students learn how Multiple Sclerosis presents itself via symptoms and then review how it is diagnosed. Finally, students review how the disease is best treated, what lifestyle choices can mitigate its effects, and what is to be expected - long-term - for the course of the disease.

Unit: Parkinson's Disease

In this unit, students are introduced to Parkinson's Disease and how it affects the nervous system. The students learn about the etiology and pathology of Parkinson's Disease. Next, students learn how the disease presents itself and review how it is diagnosed. Finally, students review how the disease is treated and the course of the disease.

The Current Event Project and Research Activity

The project-based portion of the Diseases & Disorders module is introduced in the Current Event Project and Research Activity, which are presented as units. These hands-on projects are included in the module to reinforce what the students have learned.  You can use the projects as a base to have students learn about other diseases and disorders that aren't directly covered in HealthCenter21.

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