Google Collaboration Module

Posted On: 9/3/2016

Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets are great tools for classroom collaboration activities. Our newest module helps you work with students as they complete projects that require collaboration and document sharing.

In the Google Collaboration module, students learn how to use Google Applications to collaboratively work in files as a class and in teams. Specific Google Applications used in this module are Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Students use these applications while researching information about the U.S. presidents.

Unit 1: Basic Collaboration

In this unit, your students learn what collaboration means, why it is important, and see how Google supports it. They then work collaboratively as a class to fill in information in a shared Google Sheet about U.S. Presidents. Next, students create a more detailed research document on their assigned president. This research document is shared with the class, using a link, and reviewed by other students.

Unit 2: Team Collaboration

In this unit, students split into teams. They share their research documents with other team members using email addresses. The team meets as a group to switch presidents and create a shared Google Slides template for a presentation.

The students then return to their own computers to work on their portion of the presentation. Students must use the Google Chat feature to resolve any issues and finalize their presentation.

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