Consistency Added for Career Readiness Modules

Posted On: 2/15/2017

On February 12, 2017, an update went out for the Career Readiness modules. These updates are subtle, so we want to make sure you know all of the good stuff that is now available to you and your students!

A New Addition: Transcripts!


Many of our teachers have been asking if transcripts are available for our lessons. While the full “transcripts project” is still in the works, all of the modules listed in the Career Readiness Template now have transcripts.

Why were teachers asking about transcripts, and how they can help you?

Transcripts can be useful in a variety of scenarios.

One of the most common reasons teachers ask for transcripts is for their ESL students. If you have a transcript available, an ESL student can Copy/Paste the text into Google Translate in order to read the lesson content in his/her native language.

Transcripts are also used by teachers who have students with hearing disabilities that are working within Business&ITCenter21. With the transcripts, your students can read all of the lesson material - even the narrated parts that do not have on-screen text.

Still not convinced that transcripts can be helpful to you and your students? Here’s what one of our teachers recently said about the transcripts:

“These are very helpful. Especially for our students who are on an Individual Education Plan.”

The 4 Phases of the Career Readiness Curriculum

Here at AES, “The 4 Phases” is what we call our teaching model, which all of the lessons and projects are based around. The 4 Phases are built in a way that support blended learning in your classroom, without you needing to spend a lot of time creating extra activities away from the computer.

Before this release, the 4 Phases were not very evident for the career readiness modules. We believe by adding additional activities and projects, you will have more success with using The 4 Phases model in your blended learning classroom. The phases are:

  • Explore
  • Learn & Practice
  • Reflect
  • Reinforce

You may have seen these names when viewing the details of a module within the system. With this update, you will see a number of additions, such as new activities and projects - many of which are completed by students away from the computer. Below I will explain the 4 Phases and share how they will help add variety to your classroom and give you a chance to dig deeper into specific topics.

Phase 1: Explore

The Explore Phase consists of instructor-led activities to introduce the module topics to your students. These activities are meant to let your students explore the topics before starting the digital lessons. Within the LMS, you will find lesson plans and student resources for the Explore Phase.

For example, in the Explore Phase of the Professionalism module, students will listen to scenarios and discuss characteristics of professionalism:


Phase 2: Learn & Practice

The Learn & Practice Phase is the phase you and your students should be most familiar with. This phase is when your students log in to the system and go through the interactive lessons. Along with the lessons, the Learn & Practice Phase includes automatically graded quizzes for each unit.

Resources provided for this phase include lesson plans, lesson transcripts, student worksheets, and teacher presentations. These are all included to help you and your students be more successful during this phase.

This is what the Learn & Practice Phase looks like for the Professionalism module:


Phase 3: Reflect

The Reflect Phase is similar to the Explore Phase in that it consists of instructor led activities away from the computer. Students have the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and see more of the big picture. The activities in the Reflect Phase vary depending on the module.

A common type of reflect activity for the career readiness modules is Reflection Questions and Discussion, which you can find an example of in the Professionalism module:


Phase 4: Reinforce

The Reinforcement Phase is also made up of instructor led activities that students complete away from the computer. These activities are used to help reinforce what students have learned throughout the module. The activities vary depending on the module, so it’s a good idea to review them before assigning the work to your students. Many of the activities include a lesson plan and student resources that can be printed off for your students to complete the work.

Here is what the Reinforce Phase looks like for the Professionalism module. Note that some modules may have multiple activities in this phase, which you can pick and choose between.


Find More Success with Your Career Readiness Curriculum

We hope that these updates will help you better your teach these important career readiness topics to your diverse students. If anything, we’d like to see you expand your use of Business&ITCenter21 and try some of the newly added activities. As Ken Richard, AES Product Team Manager says:

“If you do the same thing every day,  no matter how good of a lecturer you are, how great of a worksheet you have, or how good of a video you have to present, it doesn’t matter because what students need in order to be engaged is variety.”

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