Dementia Care Module

Posted On: 5/18/2017

A New Module, Written by a HealthCenter21 User!

This curriculum written by Amy Wyatt BSN, RN will teach students about dementia and how to care for patients with dementia. The module includes 1 unit, with 7 lessons and a Glossary Practice Game. Because this is community content, there are no teacher resources, worksheets, quizzes, or tests associated with the Dementia Care module.

How the Module Came About

We hear from health science teachers nearly every day about topics they would like to see us add to HealthCenter21. These comments from our community of teachers help us to decide what content to add to the Product Roadmap for future development. An example of this is our decision to create the Cultural, Social, and Ethnic Diversity module and Domestic Violence module due to the need our teachers expressed.

Knowing that we take suggestions, Amy Wyatt, a CNA instructor at Sheridan College, WY, shared that she had a serious need to teach her students about dementia, but was struggling to find relevant content. She explained that having a good knowledge of dementia care is very helpful for students who may go down the path of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant or Home Health Aide.

In speaking with Amy, our Product Manager, Ken Richard, explained that we didn't have any plans on the Product Roadmap to create content on dementia care... So Amy asked if she could create it herself, and if we would put the content on the HealthCenter21 LMS for other teachers to use as well. Our Product Team thought this would be a great first try at Community Content to see how the process might work, and were happy to say "yes!"

About a year later, Amy sent us content she wrote for 7 lessons about Dementia Care. Our Product Development Intern, Miranda, styled the slides and added graphics where appropriate, and now the lessons are available within HealthCenter21!

What's Included?

Now that you know how this new module came about, you're probably wondering what's included...

Lesson 1: What is Dementia?

In this lesson, students learn what the term "dementia" means, what cognitive symptoms occur with dementia, and about different types of dementia.

Lesson 2: Communication and Dementia

Dementia Care - Communication and Dementia-733127-edited.jpg

In this lesson, students learn about the stages a person with dementia go through with the ability to communicate. Examples are used to explain the changes in communication ability in the Early, Middle, and Late stages of Alzheimer's Disease.

Lesson 3: Methods of Communication

In lesson 3, students learn methods of communicating with patients who have dementia. Students begin to understand that their methods of communication should change based on the stage of dementia each patient is in.

The lesson also includes some new ideas that healthcare professionals and caregivers can use, such as playing music, improvisational communication, and using a Positive Physical Approach.

Lesson 4: Care Basics, Phase 1

In this lesson, students learn about using a person-centered approach to dementia care. They are introduced to the 3 areas of focus of Phase 1: pain management, social engagement, and food and fluid consumption.

Lesson 5: Consistency in Care, Phase 2

In lesson 5, students learn about how Phase 2 of dementia care focuses on consistency and the relationships between staff and residents. The four major points of the lesson are: wandering, falls, and physical restraint-free care.

Lesson 6: End-of-Life Care, Phase 3

In this lesson, students learn about the goal of end-of-life care and the importance of using a person-centered approach. They learn about communicating with the resident and their family, and how to support them both psychologically and spiritually.

The lesson also includes information about the signs and symptoms of dying, and the importance of sharing information about what will happen after death with the family.

Lesson 7: Dementia Care Looking ForwardDementia Care - Looking Forward-975327-edited.jpg

In this lesson, students learn about the Dementia Friendly America initiative that is working to support and serve those living with dementia, their families, and care partners. Students begin to understand the impact of dementia and the large number of people living with it around the world.

The lesson also includes information about 10 habits that maximize benefits for the brain and body in hopes of reducing cognitive decline.

Glossary Practice Game

This drag-and-drop activity is a way for your students to test their knowledge of dementia and dementia care, based on the lessons.

How To Access the Dementia Care Curriculum

Are you interested in adding these lessons to your courses in HealthCenter21? You can find the Dementia Care module in the new Community Templates section of the Catalog.

Community Content.jpg

The AES Team can't thank Amy enough for dedicating her time outside of the classroom to create these lessons. Not only did she create content to use in her own classroom, she wanted to provide something that all of our teachers will benefit from.

We hope you find Amy's lessons useful in teaching your health science students about dementia care! We look forward to hearing your thoughts about how it helps you and your students.

For more content on dementia, check out ACT on Alzheimer's: ACT on Alzheimer's Dementia Curriculum

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