Medical Office Assistant Module Updates

Posted On: 5/15/2017

Many of our HealthCenter21 users have told us how much they and their students enjoy our newer modules like Diseases & Disorders and Domestic Violence. Because we have heard from you about how these new interactive lessons are helping your students learn better, the Product Team has decided to give the Medical Office Assistant modules a makeover.

Though these modules are not brand new topics, the Product Team is very focused on updating the existing modules located in the MOA Template of HealthCenter21. The original modules were developed quite a few years ago, and we think it’s time for a change. The goal is to provide:

  • More engaging and interactive content to promote better student understanding
  • Shorter lessons with improved pacing for more successful learning outcomes
  • Improvements to student worksheets
  • Updated areas where content was outdated


There are currently 9 out of 10 modules with the new updates: Medical Office Assistant, Office Environment, Office Equipment, Telephone Etiquette, Appointments,  Written Communication, Medical Records, Insurance and Coding, and Health Information Technology

So what do the Medical Office Assistant modules look like with these changes?

Keeping Students Engaged with More Interactive eLearning Content

Old Text-Heavy Lessons.png

Before: Many of the lessons in the Medical Office Assistant modules were very text-heavy and have outdated images. There were few interactions for the students other than clicking through the lesson pages, and answering questions.

Modernized Medical Office Assistant Lessons.png

After: The updated lessons now include more animated videos and pages, with text moving in and out to reduce the amount of on-screen text. Graphics in the lessons have been modernized to better support student understanding of complex topics, and to be more engaging. Another change is the increase in younger doctors and staff to make it more relatable to your students.

More Successful Learning Outcomes with Shorter Lessons and Improved Pacing

Shorter Lessons and Improved Pacing.png

Before: Some of the lessons in the Medical Office Assistant modules were pretty lengthy and included a lot of information that made it hard to absorb everything at one time.

After: In some cases, lesson content was divided where appropriate to create shorter lessons. Creating the smaller chunks of content was done to enhance learning by reducing cognitive load.

Improvements to the Student Worksheets

Based on comments from some of our instructors, the Worksheet Marker Icon.pngProduct Team also focused on updating the student worksheets. The worksheet questions have been updated to better support student success on quizzes and tests within HealthCenter21.

The lessons have also been updated to include a worksheet marker icon on pages with information that corresponds to questions on the worksheets. This is to help students to better fill out the worksheet as they go through the lessons.

Updated and Refreshed Health Science Content

Before: In the health care industry, things can change relatively quickly. Some of the medical content and the technology represented in the lessons had become outdated. Also in some cases, there were not many examples to help students understand detailed topics like medical codes.

Updates to the MOA Content.png

After: Based on feedback from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that we work with in order to ensure our health science content is accurate, the Product Team made some changes.

The lesson content has been updated to include recent changes in the health care industry. Since technology has also gone through some drastic changes, many of the images in the lessons have been updated to reflect it. Some lessons were also updated to include more scenarios and examples, as recommended by the SMEs.

What's Next for the Medical Office Assistant Module Updates?

These updates to the Medical Office Assistant curriculum are still in progress, but are almost complete!

Currently, the Product Team is working on updating the last module: Accounting.

Updates to the MOA Accounting module are slated to be released January 2018.

We hope you and your students find these updated lessons to be an improvement, and look forward to hearing what you think!

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