Microsoft Office Essentials Modules

Posted On: 8/12/2017

Teach more of the basics with Microsoft Office Essentials

If you’ve used Business&ITCenter21 for a while, you’ve noticed that we have multiple Microsoft Office modules.

These modules cover every modern version of Microsoft Office, starting with 2010.

This update only applies to the 2016 versions of the Microsoft Office modules. We’ll maintain our current curricula for Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013, but we won't update those curricula any further.

In addition, every teacher will get access to Microsoft Essentials 2016 through Business&ITCenter21, even if you use Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 in your classroom.

We’ve also added multiple touch points for major concepts in Microsoft Office. So when a student learns about a new feature of Microsoft Office, they’ll then be asked to implement that feature in greater levels of complexity.

That helps them nail down the basics while getting exposure to more complicated concepts.

How Is It Structured?

The new lessons follow a simple structure.

  1. Students practice skills multiple times
  2. Students learn vocabulary through worksheets
  3. Students complete application activities


How Does Office Essentials Work with the Other Modules?

We took Microsoft Office and broke it down into manageable parts that any student can learn.

The modules are designed to work in a specific order:

  1. Essentials (basic information, no experience required)
  2. Fundamentals (app-specific information, some experience required)
  3. Skills Projects (competency information for each app, experience required)
  4. Business Projects (application information, experience required)


We understand this order doesn’t work for everyone though. That’s why you still have the freedom to mix and match different lessons as you like.

This versatility forms the cornerstone of our Microsoft Office update.

Because we offer so many modules for Microsoft Office, we have some suggestions on how you can use them in conjunction to help students learn:

Suggestion 1: Group by Microsoft Product

  1. Getting Started with Microsoft Office
  2. Word Essentials
  3. Word Fundamentals
  4. Word Skills Project
  5. PowerPoint Essential
  6. PowerPoint Fundamentals
  7. PowerPoint Skills Project
  8. Excel Essentials
  9. Excel Fundamentals
  10. Excel Skills Project
  11. Publisher Fundamentals
  12. Access Fundamentals


Suggestion 2: Essentials to Fundamentals

  1. Getting Started with Microsoft Office
  2. Word Essentials
  3. PowerPoint Essentials
  4. Excel Essentials
  5. Word Fundamentals
  6. PowerPoint Fundamentals
  7. Excel Fundamentals
  8. Word Skills Project
  9. PowerPoint Skills Project
  10. Excel Skills Project

See the details on the new Office Essentials modules by reviewing the catalog: View the Catalog

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