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Lesson Functionality Improvements

Posted On: 4/16/2018

Google Applications: Question Slides 

We had a bug in our Google Applications modules where it could be difficult for a student to select the answer location on some of the select where to find a feature question slides. This error caused students to become stuck and unable to move forward. 

To fix this issue, we went through each of these modules' lessons to apply changes, making the answers easier to select and less likely to trip a student up. 


Here are the lessons that we made updates to: 

Getting Started with Google Applications

  • Introduction:  Google Drive


Google Docs 1: Essentials

  • Introduction: Formatting Text
  • Editing and Review Tools: Review Tools
  • Editing and Review Tools: Find and Replace Tools


Google Docs 2: Fundamentals 

  • Formatting Lists, Paragraphs, and Documents: Top 10 List


Google Sheets 1: Essentials

  • Introduction: Formatting Cells
  • Introduction: Copy Cut and Paste Content


Google Slides 1: Essentials

  • Introduction: Getting Started with Google Slides
  • Introduction: Presentation basics
  • Introduction: Presentation Themes and Design Sizes
  • Introduction: Shape sand Word Art


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