Computing Systems - New Lessons and Activities

Posted On: 7/1/2018

So much to see! Several new things for Computing Systems. 

As technology expands in our world, we need to keep up with it in our daily lives. To increase our content on computing systems, we added a new lesson, a new unit, and a new classroom activity. Specifically, we've added content about networks and home computing! 

What's new?

A new lesson in the Operating Systems and Network unit

  • Lesson: Public and Home Internet Access


Unit: Home Computing

In this unit, students will learn about: the parts of a typical home computer, setting up a home computer, and updating software. Students learn about basic computer troubleshooting and how to safely download and install drivers and new applications.

  • Lesson: Connecting a Home Computer
  • Lesson: Computer Troubleshooting 
  • Unit Quiz 
  • Student Worksheet 
  • Teacher PowerPoints 
  • Other resources


Reinforce activity: Additional Network Investigation

In this project, students define and explain concepts and terms that were generally not covered in the module. The goal is to have students become more technically literate concerning networking.

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