New Lessons for PowerPoint Fundamentals

Posted On: 7/1/2018

A Whole New Unit For PowerPoint Fundamentals 2016!

Chart and graphs can be one the most understand way for presenting data, so we added a unit to cover this!

What's new? You'll get 2 more class hours of content on PowerPoint!

Unit: Charts and Graphs - In this unit, students will: understand the benefits of using charts and graphs; recognize basic charts, such as pie, column, bar, and line charts; know when to use different types of charts; and create charts in PowerPoint.

  • Lessons: 
    • Presenting Data Visually 
    • Environmental Scenario
    • Daily Activity Scenario 
  • Quiz 
  • 2 Teacher PowerPoints 
  • Student Worksheet 
  • Other Resources 

Check out the details of this new unit in the Catalog!

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