Updates for Google App Modules 

 Posted On: 8/5/2018 

Keeping up with Google by matching their current interface and adding new content! 

Google updates all the time and in turn, we have to keep our content up to date... we update all the time too! 

Here's what's new in google. Not only do we have some updates for you, but new content as well! 

What's new? 

  • All lessons have been updated to match Google's current interface!

  • New Units
    • Google Docs Fundamentals: Completing a Report Using MLA (2 Hours of Class time) 
    • Google Sheets Fundamentals: Data Management and Analysis (2 Hours of Class time) 
    • Google Slides: Charts and Graphs (3 Hours of Class time) 
  • New Activities
    • Docs Essentials: Getting an Autograph
    • Docs Fundamentals: Who is this person
    • Slides Essentials : Making a trading card
    • Slides Fundamentals: Show & Tell
    • Sheets Essentials: Show me the money
    • Sheets Fundamentals: Age is only a number

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