Health Career Exploration Module

Posted On: 8/5/2018

A new module for students to explore what they want to do. 

The Health Career Exploration module has been created to introduce students to the many possibilities of having a career in the health care field and help them discover what they are most interested in pursuing as a career!

Learn about this new module by watching this interview with Celestial, our Instructional Designer:


What's included in this new module? 

  • 12 total classroom hours of material
  • 1 Explore activity 
  • 3 Units with a total of 11 interactive lessons 
  • Teacher PowerPoints and other teacher resources 
  • Student Worksheets and other student resources 
  • 1 Reflection Activity 
  • 6 Reinforcement Activities 
  • 3 Unit Quizzes 
  • 1 Module Test 


You can start using this module today -- just add it to any of your classes within HealthCenter21!

Check out the full details of Health Career Exploration in the Catalog!

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