Safety Precautions Module Updates

 Posted On: 9/1/2018

A makeover for Safety Precautions! 

With some new graphics, updated content, and new activities Safety Precautions is ready for it's close up!

Watch this video featuring one of our eLearning developers, Greg, to learn about the changes:


This module provides an overview of safety techniques and the steps for greeting and identifying patients in a health care facility. Students use the Internet to research safety regulations from OSHA, the FDA, and the EPA and demonstrate how to report safety violations by filing an event report.

Some highlights from the updates include:

  • Lesson changes for more accuracy
  • Restructured lessons to be more coherent
  • Modernized graphics and interactives
  • New hands-on activities


These updates are in a new version of the module called Safety Precautions 2018.

If you want this updated version in your class, you will need to remove the old module and add the new one.

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