Edit Column on Student Roster Screen

Posted On: 11/19/2018

NOTE - This update is only available in the New User Interface

There are dozens of reasons you may need to edit student information in your class. Whether it's a misspelled email or a password that needs to be reset, you spend A LOT of time editing student information!

To make your life easier we've added a new Edit column to the Student Roster screen so that you can make these edits in a snap!


From right there on your Student Roster screen, you can do the following by clicking Edit:

  • Change a student's name
  • Change a student's username/email
  • Change a student's password
  • Move a student to a different class
  • Remove a student from the current class


The best part about this new ability is that you can quickly edit multiple students all from one spot! No more extra clicks or trying to remember what you were doing!

Want to see more details about editing students? Read the article here: Editing Student Credentials

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