Safety Precautions 2018 Module Tweaks

Posted On: 12/29/18

In September 2018, we came out with a revamped version of the Safety Precautions module.

During the fall semester, teachers shared their thoughts on the new module and gave us some great ideas for tweaking the lessons.

With this update, you'll see these changes:

  • More slides in each lesson
  • More bite-sized chunks of information on each slide
  • Text is now static on the slides

This is to help your students better learn each concept and make it easier for them to take notes. No more rushing to jot down the information before the text leaves the page!

These updates were automatically made to the Safety Precautions 2018 module.

If you haven't added the 2018 version of the module to your class, now's a great time to do so!

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