Draw in Order Phlebotomy Game

Posted On: 4/27/19

You've been wanting more interactive practice activities, so we added a new Draw in Order Phlebotomy Game to help you teach this tricky topic!

The game has been added to the Phlebotomy module to help your students practice choosing blood tubes in the correct order in a timely manner.

Students begin the game with patients requiring two possible samples.phlebotomy-game

As they progress more samples are unlocked, with six total samples in the final level:

  1. Blood Cultures, PT/INR, Type and Screen
  2. Blood Cultures, Electrolytes
  3. Electrolytes, Blood Alcohol
  4. Electrolytes, Blood Alcohol, A1C
  5. PT/INR, A1C, Blood Bank
  6. Blood Alcohol, Lipid Panel

Students can practice this game at any time to learn the basics or review what they already know!

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