Health Science Curriculum Updates

Posted On: 4/15/19

We've made changes to five existing modules within HealthCenter21. These changes were made to bring the curriclum up to date with current industry standards and to better align with NOCTI certifications and the NCHSE National Health Science Assessment.

Module: Anatomy & Physiology

  • Unit 1, Lesson 3 now has vacuoles as part of the organelles
  • Unit 1, Lesson 5 now includes 6 levels of body structure


Module: Emergency Care

  • Improved content about strokes
  • Improved content about splint and cast care


Module: Personal Qualities

  • New lesson content about mentorships


Module: Physical Exams

  • Update made to immunization schedule information


Module: Safety Precautions

  • References to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) were changed to Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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