Health Science Curriculum Updates

Posted On: 4/27/19

Based on feedback from healthcare experts, we've made a few updates to four existing HealthCenter21 modules. These changes were made to provide better clarity and bring the curriculum up to date with industry standards.

In addition, these modules will now better align with NOCTI exams, the NHA CCMA certification, and the NCHSE end of program assessment.

Module: Infection Control

  • Updated to reflect that sweat is not an infectious body fluid
  • Removed gas ovens as a method of sterilization
  • Updated the details on disinfectant solutions

Module: Medical Terminology

  • Added the following abbreviations: qd, TBS/T, Upper GI/EGD, Lower GI, Hx, H&P, and Pt
  • Added information about The Joint Commission

Module: Patient Comfort

  • Improved the Observations Case Study to better reflect the correct scope of practice
  • Updated techniques for testing bath temperature without a thermometer

Module: Rehabilitation & Restorative Care

  • Updated the term "dorsal flexion" to the more commonly used term "dorsiflexion"

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