Health Science Curriculum Updates

Posted On: 8/5/19

Earlier this year, we created health science certification guides to help teachers better prepare their students for industry certifications.

Those guides were created with the help of industry professionals who reviewed the HealthCenter21 curriculum against the test plans and objectives.

During that review process, we discovered a number of places we could make changes to better align with industry standards and certification requirements.

This led to us updating 12 existing modules within HealthCenter21! Here's what's changed:

1. Accounting

  • Added Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN)


2. Anatomy & Physiology

  • Skeletal System
    • Added content on ligaments
  • Muscular System
    • Added terminology: smooth muscle
    • Added microscopic anatomy
    • Added types of body movements
  • Integumentary System
    • More examples of lesions
  • Cardiovascular System
    • Added more detail on conduction system of the heart, cardiac arrest, and atrial fibrillation
  • Lymphatic System
    • Added thymus and anaphylaxis
  • Respiratory System
    • Added that 1 inhalation + 1 exhalation = respiration
    • Clarification made on external and internal respiration
    • Added content on tuberculosis and emphysema
    • Added content on pulmonary function tests and peak expiratory flow
  • Nervous System
    • Added autism and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Endocrine System
    • Added exocrine glands
    • Added complications from diabetes
  • Digestive System
    • Added role of mucus in the stomach
    • Added the process of maceration
    • Added more detail on absorption
    • Added diarrhea
    • Added BMI
  • Urinary System
    • Added homeostatic balance
    • Added components of urine and renal failure
  • Reproductive System
    • Added menstrual cycle
    • Added HPV


3. Client Status

  • Updated average pulse rate and updated blood pressure to current guidelines
  • Added content on BMI
  • Added content on pulmonary function tests


4. Communication

  • Added content on therapeutic communication


5. Electrocardiography

  • Improved coverage of heartbeat and U wave
  • Updated to include the term “leads” and the cleaning of leads after each use
  • Updated with AHA recommendations for baseline ECGs
  • Added the need for patients to remove electronic devices from pockets during ECGs
  • Added the scope of practice and role of support from a technician during the ECG, including what to do when problems arise
  • Added vital signs across the lifespan
  • Added new lesson: Recognizing Cardiac Emergencies
  • Added recognizing pacemaker spikes on an ECG tracing
  • Added more detailed information on performing ECGs on patients with special considerations


6. Medical Assistant Pharmacology

  • Added content on look-alike, sound-alike medication names and tall man lettering
  • Added content on pharmacokinetics
  • Added procedure for nebulizer treatments
  • Added content on specialty pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, and nuclear pharmacies
  • Fixed water to bleach ratio hint error
  • Added thigh as a location for subcutaneous injections


7. Medical Records

  • Added Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
  • Fixed Numerical Filing Sample Answer error


8. Nutrition and Elimination

  • Nutrients and Food Groups lessons updated to align with MyPlate recommendations


9. Phlebotomy

  • Added basic protocol for laboratory results, including critical results
  • Added knowing and following manufacturer’s recommendations for equipment
  • Added assisting other health care professionals with specimen collection
  • Added hemostasis and coagulation process
  • Updated Standard Order of Draw
  • Added aliquot and aliquoting


10. Specimen Collection and Testing

  • Added content on healthcare data
  • Added content on point-of-care testing, quality control, calibration, and COLA
  • Updated CLIA and CLIA-waived tests
  • Added content on chain of custody guidelines
  • Fixed throat culture procedural error


11. The Health Assistant

  • Updated content on informed consent


12. Wellness and Nutrition

  • Unit 2 – Updated to align with MyPlate recommendations

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