Microsoft Office 2019 Modules

Posted On: 8/19/19

Has your school implemented Microsoft Office 2019 this school year? Then you need a curriculum to match!

That's why we've created an Office 2019 curriculum for you and your students!

Within Business&ITCenter21, you'll now see a computer applications template for Microsoft Office 2019 that contains 16 modules:

  • Getting Started with Microsoft Office
  • Word 1: Essentials
  • Word 2: Fundamentals
  • Word Skills Project
  • Word Business Project
  • Excel 1: Essentials
  • Excel 2: Fundamentals
  • Excel Skills Project
  • Excel Business Project
  • PowerPoint 1: Essentials
  • PowerPoint 2: Fundamentals
  • PowerPoint Skills Project
  • PowerPoint Business Project
  • Access Fundamentals
  • Publisher Fundamentals
  • Integration Skills Project

Note -- These modules contain the same lessons, resources, and projects as the 2016 curriculum, so you'll be able to transition from one to the other without any surprises!

Not sure which version of Microsoft Office you and your students have? Here's how to find out!

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