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Basic Life Support Rescue Activity

Posted On: 9/27/19

Earlier this year we released an updated version of the CPR module to provide better context and clarity for your students.

Now we've added a new scenario-based activity to help strengthen your students' understanding of the adult BLS rescue procedure!


Adult BLS Rescue Activity Overview

In the activity, students are presented with an emergency scenario involving a man who has suffered a cardiac arrest. They are the lone rescuer and must choose the correct course of actions to save his life.

After choosing a correct sequence of actions, students are presented with questions that further test their knowledge about the actions they performed.

Throughout the activity, the student's actions and answers are tracked, resulting in a total score presented at the end of the scenario!

Start Using This Activity Today!

You can find this new BLS rescue activity in the Reinforce section of the CPR and Basic Life Support module.

If you need help locating the activity, log into your HealthCenter21 account and send us a chat!


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