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Your 2020 AES Year In Review

Posted On: 12/15/20

Based on requests from teachers like you, we released a number of updates in 2020. While they may not solve all of the challenges you'll face in 2021, we hope they make an impact for you and your students!

On this page, you will find:


HealthCenter21 Curriculum Updates:

1. Behavioral Health Modulebehavioral-health-update

The Behavioral Health module educates health science students on common diseases/disorders categorized in this area.

It will also provide students with the skills needed to take care of themselves, friends, family, and clients in a healthcare environment.

Learn about the Behavioral Health Module >


2. EHR Simulation Module

In our experience working with high school health science teachers, we learned that it can be difficult to give your students practice working with electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Your students need to learn the basics, but it's not always feasible to provide that opportunity in your classroom.

Because of the challenges you shared, AES developed the EHR Simulation module so your students can learn to complete real-world EHR tasks in a safe environment.

Learn about the EHR Simulation Module >


3. New Units on Diabetes and Asthmaasthma

The Diseases and Disorders module has been updated with two new units focused on asthma and diabetes.

The Diabetes and Asthma units will cover an introduction, etiology, pathology, presentation, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of both diseases.

Learn about the New Units on Diabetes and Asthma >


4. Advanced Anatomy and Physiology Module Test

Anatomy and Physiology is one of the most popular modules found within HealthCenter21.

In recent years, many teachers have shared that they need more rigorous content and assessments for topics found in the Anatomy and Physiology module.

To fill this gap for you and your students, we developed an advanced Anatomy and Physiology module test.

Learn about the Advanced Anatomy and Physiology Module Test >


5. Summer Updates to 15 Modules

Throughout the year, the AES curriculum team reviews and works with subject matter experts to keep our curriculum up to date with industry standards and certifications.

This year, we focused on updating 15 modules based on feedback from teachers and changes in the healthcare industry.

Learn about the 15 Modules Updated in July 2020 >


6. Learning Game on Reading Analog Medical Devices

We heard from many teachers and healthcare professionals that state and national certification and/or licensing exams have not completely phased out test questions regarding the use of analog medical instruments, and unfortunately, it’s also an area where students struggle.

The Reading Analog Devices game has been added to the Client Status module to help student practice using glass thermometers, balance beam scales, and sphygmomanometers.

Learn about the Reading Analog Devices Game >


7. August 2020 Media Updates for Diversity and Inclusiondiversity-inclusion

Culturally responsive teaching has been at the forefront of many of your thoughts. You want your teaching materials to relate to your students on a personal and professional level.

Based on conversations with teachers and among the AES team, we've updated the media and photographs in three health science modules.

Learn about the August 2020 Media Updates >


8. September 2020 Media Updates for Diversity and Inclusion

With this release, we updated the media and photographs in seven additional health science modules to improve diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Learn about the September 2020 Media Updates >


Business&ITCenter21 Curriculum Updates

1. Coding Fundamentals Modulecoding-module

Teachers told us that it's tough to introduce students to coding and programming. This is especially true for teachers who aren't familiar with coding themselves!

To help you teach these concepts and skills, we developed a new Coding Fundamentals module!

Learn about the Coding Fundamentals Module >


2. Critical Thinking Module

Critical thinking is listed as a core standard in a variety of CTE areas. It is an important 21st Century skill that students need to thrive in an ever-changing, technological world.

This module introduces students to critical thinking and is a perfect complement to AES’s other career readiness and soft skills modules.

Learn about the Critical Thinking Module >


3. Banking and Finance Modulebanking-finance

Based on conversations with teachers like you, and by reviewing foundational business education standards, we discovered a need for a module focused on the basics of banking and finance!

With this new module, our goal is to make banking and finance topics easy to understand and relevant to an age group that may not assign much importance to having financial knowledge.

Learn about the Banking and Finance Module >


AES System Updates:

1. Status Report Pagestudent-status-report (1)

You asked how you can check to see if students are completing the assignments in your classes.

To help you better find this information, we've updated some features within the Grades tab.

Learn about the Status Report Page >


2. Improvements to Reports & Exports

Teachers are required to provide various reports and measurements of students' progress to their administrators. But knowing how to find that information and best use it can be overwhelming.

To help you access the information you need, we made some changes to the reports and exports.

Learn about the Improvements to Reports & Exports >


3. Gradebook Improvements

Teachers shared their thoughts on how well the gradebook was meeting their needs and the different challenges they faced when using it.

To make the gradebook more effective and useful, we made some changes!

Learn about the 2020 Gradebook Improvements >


4. Student Search Update

The Student Search feature is one of the most helpful tools within the AES system. However teachers told us it wasn't as accessible as they'd like.

To help you more easily (and quickly) find the student you're looking for, we've added the Student Search to the main My Classes tab.

Learn about the Student Search Update >


5. Google Single Sign-On (SSO)google-sso-update

The AES login screen has been updated to provide better clarity and usability for you and your students.

In addition, you and your students can now log into AES with your school's Google Classroom accounts!

Learn about Google SSO >


6. Electronic Worksheet Export

Teachers tell us that grading their students' worksheets often increases participation in completing the worksheets. However, grading your students' worksheets can take a lot of time.

Because of this, you've asked for an easier way to view your students' electronic worksheet answers, without clicking into each individual worksheet from the Grades tab.

Learn about the Electronic Worksheet Export >


7. Student Activity Report Improvementsstudent-activity-report-sample

The Student Activity Report is a great way to keep track of what your students are completing within the AES system - especially if you're teaching remotely.

However, teachers have told us it wasn't always easy to find the information they were looking for. Based on your comments and suggestions, we made a number of updates to make this a more effective feature while saving you time!

Learn about the Student Activity Report Improvements >

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